Friday , February 3 2023

Trial for Flanders Rebellion Christian Van Eyken has been postponed until June.


The court ruled that the trial of murder of Mark Dellea, warned by Flanders MP Christian Van Eyken and his wife Sylvia B, will be postponed in June. Dismiss evidence a few weeks before court registration.

The trial of the French MP, Christian Van Eyken and his wife Sylvia B., in the Flemish Parliament has already been postponed several times.

A study is underway on "computer sabotage", the corner of Brussels. A DVD containing an image of a video surveillance camera was destroyed while one of the parties to the registry referred to the file. Two defendants heard about this on Thursday and a new copy of the DVD was attached to the file.

Multiple reports

In April, the trial was postponed to November because the Department of Defense has not been able to access some material for a long time due to technical problems in the registry.

This case has already been postponed several times in 2017.

Christian Van Eyken and his wife Sylvia B. warned that they would murder former husband Marc Dellea. July 8, 2014 This 45-year-old man was found dead in his apartment on Mutsaard Avenue in Laeken. He was shot in the head.

The Brussels prosecutor has opened an investigation to investigate Sylvia B. (victim's wife) and Christian van Iiken (Christian van Ecken). She was a member of Congress of Christian Van Eyken, a French-speaking member of the Flemish Parliament. , Both of whom had a romantic relationship.

In early 2017, the investigating judge completed the investigation and sent the file to the prosecutor. The Flemish Parliament lifted parliament's immunity.

Christian Van Eyken and Sylvia B. intervened in the death of Marc Dellea.

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