Saturday , June 3 2023

Toy Story 4: New characters in the first teaser


Cinema – On November 12, the Disney-Pixar team weakened Monday by sharing the first trailer or rather the teaser of a new announcement of a successful franchise that revolutionized Monday, "Toy Story 4". Anime world.

Pixar Studios wants to have trouble getting ready for this ambitious project. Pixar Studios unveils a simple waltz of familiar characters around cardy Woody and Buzz Lightning.

Homemade fork called "Forky" is the latest creation of Andy's sister Andy's sister, Bonnie. As the teaser tells, a mysterious little fringe – "claiming it is not a toy" –Obviously we are struggling to take its place in classics, but it is anxious to integrate.

This secret teaser waits for the everlasting children to pour into the Toy Story (which has had time to grow well since the hero's last adventure in 2010).

But before we find our favorite toy, we should comfort ourselves with a little patience. "Toy Story 4" will join a dark room next summer. Box Office, we can predict the feat at the height of the first film, which is already the biggest success of 1995 … Reply June 26th then.

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