Monday , November 29 2021

This Belgian driver may have a crash with a train (VIDEO)


Several facts

The police station of Spoorkin (with the municipalities Lo-Reninge, Alveringem and Veurne in West Flanders) shared the previous an impressive video of a car that had escaped with a train.

The images date from November 11 this year. It shows an accidental motorist who loses the gates of the cross, but only a few seconds before the passage of # 39; e train. Although, at last, there was more hurt or damage, the police chose to share the video on their site facebook to make awareness of the respect of drawings. Thinking that many people themselves have to convince the rules and cross the crossing, even locked up.

The incident had no serious cutouts and did not leave any injuries, but the train station still needed the emergency stop button and alarmed SNCB and the police.

The driver was quickly identified as one of the neighborhoods. A report was sent to him by the public office.

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