Thursday , June 17 2021

"The situation at & # 39; s roads is probably catastrophic"

" After an early quiet weekend, the tuesday will begin with the arrival of heavy rainfall that will run quickly! Refers Farid in his logo on his Facebook page.

" The situation at the dikes can be catastrophic from Tuesday through Wednesday night at least in the country, except perhaps the coast. Other sophisticated events should then be expected, but as I have told you yesterday, the thing can not predict – 48 H. For proof, no model has not taken the snow as yesterday morning He stays.

The point is the dates of Tuesday and Wednesday. " Above 200 meters, the storm will fall into the form of snow and one waits 5 to 10 cm west in the east of the land! The latest news, the snow will come late in the morning, in complete traffic which … Need a big surprise at & # 39; The roads, because it will stay Saturday, but in the form of powerful storage. "

Here is his full newsletter on his Facebook page:

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