Monday , May 17 2021

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be right in its core

Samsung has long been the iPhone X and his knob on the top of the # 39; the phone ends. But for the Galaxy S10, expected for 2019, it seems a handball player for the first time his performance.

The company is currently testing various prototypes of this new smartphone, especially at the 5G level, with partners like US operators AT & T and Verizon. It was in these tests that some photos on SamMobile's website were leaked.

You can find a smartphone to the previous models in the range, with a few exceptions. Normally, the screen is cut off in the right corner. A really great choice (even if a scale independent of its position falls uncountable), but Samsung makes possible two photo modules at the front (a conventional sensor and a second width).

At the background, the Galaxy S10 offers three senses, horizontally. According to the processor, Samsung would opt for the Snapdragon 855 Qualcomm, a power monitor that can manage the 5G and also as a graphical card, artificial intelligence, sound card, photo and video processing.

Of course, this photo only shows prototypes and Samsung can look for a completely different design by the time the S10 is released. But if the game is in the game, it will delete all tracks from the "Ingenius" advertisement campaign, including those you're thrilled to make. the "to" of the iPhone X.

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