Friday , February 26 2021

The new Carrefour Market of Belle-Île opened on November 28th

C'est ce mercredi que la Carrefour de Belle-Île va renaître de ses cendres. Du moins en partie car il n'est pas prévu qu'il récupère sa gloire d'antan. The 10,500 m² hypermarket market will be operational by the size of a Carrefour Market of 2,500 m².

Souvenez-vous, il s'en est faitu de peu que Carrefour ne quitte la galerie Belle-Île. The January 25th, the French group's announcement, an effect, a major restructuring and a total of 1,233 jobs. Thanks to the label, the definitive fermeture of the hypermarket, which can be used to describe the characters, can be written by the licensing of about 130 people.

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