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The Implant Files, an exceptional investigation on the system's control of the medical implants control system

Editorial du «Monde». "Implant Files" is the result of a labor journalistic work carried out by the International Association of Journalists of Investigation (ICIJ) and the collective oeuvre of some five hundred international journalists who have been investigating, the worlds problems of medicinal implants – mental prostheses, pacemakers, stents, contraceptives, etc.

Exceptual, this inquiry will not be solely due to the misdiagnosis of journalism. Elle l'est aussi, et plus, dans son intent et démarche. This is the premiere of international media forging an alliance extensively, not for exploiting and analyzing any documents of confidence, but for the purpose of building, ensemble, a documentary resource that claims to be defective: the cartography of the prisoners provoked by these outlets peu, et parfois presque pas, regulated.

Car, if the benefits of these therapeutic instruments are best known in advance of their manufacturers, their risky demeanor, the mainstream in a comfortable way. The result of our inquiry suggests that these risks are considerable and serious subconscious. The exploitation of the public data, the United States, as well, in the past, the number of cases reported to those millions of dollars and weeks, with approximately one million and half the injured and more 80,000 murders. And every single thing that has a single fraction of the actual rainfall, with no less than 10%, is duly registered.

In Europe, in particular in France, the situation is further inquisitive: the absence of follow-up follow-ups, the response of the information or the disclosure of the data acquisition makes it impossible to evaluate the actual risk of liens implants. This is not the fruit of your hatred. The smartest smartphone smartphone disposes of a unique identifier that can be retrieved just outside of Terre, but it is impossible to combine these mediator devices – and lesions – are today 's implanted in the French population.

Le récit: Implant Files: a scandalous sanitary world on the medical implants
Radiography of a cardiac stimulator
Radiography of a cardiac stimulant IStock / ljiljana2004

"Implant Files" shows: at the highest European level, this is the set of regulated regulation of instruments that are related to dysfunction. The many scandals that have survived over time in the actuality (poppy mammals, contraceptive implants, etc.) are not the result of isolated and undefiled fractions, but in contrast to the logical consequences of a defective system. The timing of timidity has been advancing in time to the community level for the better of the patients, since they have been sapped by an aggressive lobbying, since the European Commission has been selectively permitted.

Ce n'est pas tout. The absence of follow-up follow-up cases, the openness of their recipient or the privacy of the data of the surveillance system to a system of mishandling, the same profound problema. The conflicts of interest are a standard of functioning. Incomplets have declined receivables, defaults to standardized studies at the time of permissions: in the event of public disclosure of the public procurement supplies. The implants that the point of departure of the implant Implant Files is an implant of a vulnerable fact, bricked by a nationalist journalist to partake of a moratorium of mandarine filters, which has nothing to complain all the criteria for being misunderstood.

The situation in France: Implant files: The incroyables of monitoring surveillance in France

In fact, the health of most people is all over the world, the medias are a way to deal with the behavior of the information. Notre inquiry is actually exception. The fact is the rapper with force: in the case of some situations, some of these implantable devices are genuine beneficial, perfect habits. C'est indéniable. But does comment on the balance of benefits-risk, when the risks are occult? Comment réguler sans connaître? It does not have the journalism of substituting expertise, but in contrast to the lack of knowledge of impartiality.

Lorsque, behind the jurisdiction of the jargon and of the technical complexity, the regulation of the society's right to freedom of expression, to an uncertain choice, and to generate the general interests of the interests of the particular interests, role and the use of journalist journalism.

When it comes to information about the implant files

The Implant Files describes an inquiry documented by the International Association of Journalists of the Investigation (ICIJ) and 59 Medieval Parties, dont Le Monde.

  • Au coeur de l'inquester: les dispositifs medicale. More than 250 journalists have been traumatized on the incidents caused by the censorship of all patients (from the insulin to the implants of the mammals found in the pacemakers or the prostheses of hair).
  • An absence of controls. These medical devices have a sufficient simplification of the European conformity certification allowing them to sell in Europe … And this is the essence of controls.
  • As a result of the victims extremely opaque. Seuls the United States recuperates the way in which the incidents relate to those medicinal devices. The US $ 8,000 million account is 1.7 million rubles and injured in about six years. In Europe, these informations are unexpected, fake "remotest" systemic and control.

"Implant Files": racontez-nous votre histoire

The investigation was halted by the International Association of Journalists of Investigation (ICIJ) and 59 Mediares Partenaires, dont Le Monde, commenting on the medical devices (stents, pacemakers' prostheses, …) the font of the very poor control, which, in turn, has its certification (allowing its readers to know) or the incident occurrences are stated.

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Jérôme Fenoglio (Director of the "World")

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