Wednesday , May 12 2021

The FGTB moves to the "yellow acceleration" method for its operations on Friday: potential blocks of businesses, roads and places.

"The planned actions will make the more sense"Replaced Monday Monday FGTB chairman Robert Vertenueil, about the new federal coalition. During a press conference, he set up a few elements for the national day of action announced on December 14 to "the downgraded policy of government ". In Liege and Charleroi, 24 hours already strike strike.

Some actions were driven off as a joint front for union, says the FGTB. Besides the fight, actions such as blockades of businesses but also actions "punch" can be as far as blocking roads and strategic production points such as zones. A joint on a joint front will also be held at 11:00 Friday on Friday for the FEB headquarters. "We also look at some surprises"Comments Robert Vertenueil. The latter also stands for a great one "Nervousness" in regional. Strikes are probably a lot of companies, he warns. "All actions are aimed at working for employers and the government for their responsibilities."

Government crisis: "We see a democratic and social attitude"

"We could have been checking out of N-VA, which would have been a control on the backwardness of the government Michel-Wever, but we see a democratic and social attitude.", said Robert Verteneuil, about the new federal coalition. "With 52 seats out of 150, who has this government still exists?"

Robert Verteneuil is concerned about the fact that the government does not ask for the confidence of the parliament. "It really gives us a point that ensures us, it means that this government will continue to function on fundamental elements of a democratic (…) It will continue in the line that & # 39; t he was. We have immediately realized that the well-known people will continue with the N-VA. "

"We are not concerned"He also gave the priorities included by Prime Minister Charles Michel Sunday, whether social security, power or climate. "These are chosen topics according to the news." The FGTB also expects the will of the business world "playing the game no longer" social dialogue, since it "Even the employer and compensation for the coming years directly deal with the government".

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