Wednesday , May 12 2021

The brutality of child abuse screen seems to change, according to a study

The brutality of child abuse screen seems to change, according to a study

The intensive use of screen changes in & # 39; children for early thinking of & # 39; The cortex, the brain cortex that has the information processed, sent to the inward by the five sensesCHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT

The brains of children who earn a lot of time on screen appear to have disappeared from the US National Institutes or Health (NIH) and published by the CBS channel according to the results of an ambitious study.

In 21 researchers in the United States, the NIH started the brains of 4,500 9- and 10-year-olds to see if the whole video game and time in the & # 39; The Internet has brought about their development.

The first results of this magnetic resonance study (MRI) show "different traces" in the brain of children with smartphones, tablets and video games more than 7 hours a day, explains a researcher, Dr. Gaya Dowling, in the newsletter "60 minutes".

MRI has been prevented from the cervix, the cerebral cortex, which has the information processed, which will be sent to the five senses.

Cortex variation "is seen as an older process," said the scientist, that it was unclear whether this process was harmful. "We do not know if it's been caused by the time that you've been scared for the screen, we do not know if it's a bad thing."

According to another scientist who is interested in this show, Dr. Kara Bagot has a lot of prerequisites, the time for a screen breaks the freedom of dopamine, the whorehorse. In order to achieve this result, his team shuffled the brains of telescopes when complying with Instagram feed.

"So it is likely that you accept your active work and use compulsive social networks compulsive, such as care for yourself," she says.

For this study, the NIH has a total of 11,000 children, followed by a number of years to study the effects of screens on their intellectual and social development and their health. The results begin to publish in early 2019.

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