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The baby makes "horns" after surgery (picture)


A baby with a rare brain disease suffers "horns" after surgery.

22-month-old Clyne Solano (22 months old) suffered from meningitis when she was in the womb, causing her brain to fail completely.

When he was born in the Philippines in January 2017, his mother found a small crack in his skull.

The surgeon operated in March 2018 to relieve brain edema at Clyne, and the operation was successful. Later, however, his skulls collapsed in the spaces of the headless brain tissue. Since then, horn-shaped ridges have become more and more visible.

Unusual: the baby is undergoing surgery

Clyne Solano needs reconstructive surgery to find a normal type of head.

But his mother, Justine, is not strong enough to survive and is afraid to do another operation.

Unmarried mother Justine said, "I do not want to go on now because my baby is not that strong yet and I do not want to go on, so it's hard to decide, and if we do not, his head will stay that way for the rest of his life."

"Some people say that his head looks like a devil's horn, but to us there is no doubt that he is an angel, and my heart hurts to see him suffer."

Unusual: the baby is undergoing surgery

He recently underwent surgery to replace the tube in his prayer.

Hydanencephaly is caused by the fact that the left and right hemispheres of the brain do not occur in the womb and can not be treated.

Most infants born with this serious illness die in a few months, but Klin is struggling to survive.

Unusual: the baby is undergoing surgery

"We have sold almost everything to get the money we need to operate, but we have to go to the hospital regularly after surgery." I see the baby suffer, and if I can change places with him, I will, "his mother said.

"We will fight as long as Klein can, and when there is no power, we will be there for him." We heard a story about a baby with a bovine brain that went through adolescence. I know. "

Unusual: the baby is undergoing surgery

Babies with meningitis have limited brain development and may experience seizures, delayed growth, respiratory and digestive disorders, temperature control disorders, vision problems, and intellectual disabilities.

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Unusual: the baby is undergoing surgery

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