Tuesday , June 22 2021

The authorities do not get in touch with the organizers of “de Boom 2”

On April 1, an unknown group launched a first “Boom”, at the time considered a hoax. However, according to police, between 1,500 and 2,000 people had gathered in violation of health rules. The police had to use force to disperse the people. “The final results show that this device was not disproportionate,” said Ms Verlinden, questioned by MPs Julie Chanson (Ecolo), Sophie Rohonyi (DéFI) and Sigrid Goethals (N-VA). “The attempts at de-escalation have failed,” she added.

Since then, a new event has been launched on social networks by a collective called “Collectif de l’Abîme” targeting a “Boom 2” on May 1st. An open letter was sent by the organizers to the Minister of the Interior.

“The Brussels police are trying to contact the organizers to discourage them from organizing this event on May 1,” Verlinden said in committee. ‘I also tried to contact her, but the organizers did not come forward, and satisfied her with an anonymous response to my letter to the young people. “At the moment” it is impossible to enter into consultation with these people because they do not come forward personally, “concluded Minister CD&V.

In the meantime, “the police rely on social media communications to discourage participation in this event,” Ms Verlinden added. “However, an intervention reserve will be ready to intervene in the event of floods,” she added.

“Impossibility or absence of will?” Asked opposition member Sophie Rohonyi, assuring that the organizers were ready to postpone the event.

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