Friday , August 12 2022

Stan Lee, a god disappearing from superhero


sTanley Lieber is eighteen years old when he used the alias Stan Lee to invent his first superhero, The Destroyer. This athlete-sized baby, hiding under a blue mask, was called to fight the Indoor Third Reich at Timely Comics, Marvel's ancestor. In 1948, he was quickly overshadowed by Blonde Phantom, who committed his first superhero, Golden Girl and Sun Girl, in an evening dress and changing clothes. But the little girls do not cling to the beautiful women who wear masks.

In the 1950s Stan Lee lost his way with the dark monsters. Every month he imagines a story with a title that will shake mankind to new universe creatures or mad scientists. King of Mummex Mummies, creature of Monstrom Black Swamp or Dump the giant lizard.… his motto: "
If you can write, you can write.

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