Monday , June 21 2021

Soccer leaks: "Mouscron, everyone knows!" Roland Dûchatelet – All football says

Roland Duchâtelet at the RTBF's Mike, said of the search conducted between Hurlus. "Everyone knew Mouscron. The problem was obviously hard to prove.

"If a coach has a club and at the same time a player in another club is clearly posing a problem, he points to the role of the manager, who is the real boss of the player, club or agent?"

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He refused to negotiate with Mogi Bayat, who was currently in custody when he was president of Standard Liege, "I thought it was not right for what I was doing, It's not the only person who created the list. "

There is no good rule of rule in Belgian football. "The problem is that managers, managers and judges all have amalgam, and they all know each other, regularly."

Roland Duchâtelet admitted that he had submitted a lot of information to the court without revealing what he was doing. Belgian soccer will continue to shake for the next few months.

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