Wednesday , May 12 2021

Seven high issues are yet to be reversed

The government of Michel is no longer in the majority. It still has a number of problems at the end of the legislature to complete … Overview of many problems.

Work and social dialogue

Jobsdeal is not completed

The government has already garnered a lot of "jobs jobs jobs", it still has a lot of work to make sure all the breakdowns are made. begins with the management of actions in short supply. The regions may be competent, the work can be part of the ramping cabinet, staying a few points to achieve. Without forgetting that if part of this employment is set by the Minister of the Council, it must still be voted in the parliament. And thus it will ask for a majority … Let the increased degression of unemployment demanded, which practical modalities have not yet been resolved, for mixed agreement between parties in # 39; the power.

If you forget about employment problems, let's not forget about the mobility budget, think about working for employees to switch their business to a mobility package. It should be in force in early February 2019, but it must still be voted in the parliament.

Ultimately, last but not least the interpreter agreement. While it may be the responsibility of social partners, it will also support the support of # the government asked for its implementation. Especially about the dream dreams of including a salary reform based on seniority, a very explosive file. No government, no AIP possible …


First, there is in January and February the risk of power consumption. To limit this risk, a full-fledged government is, of course, beneficial. But above all, a series of major projects on energy is still a beach. Perhaps the most urgent need is that the stubble system for gas-glucose force plants, which will soon be required by the Parliament to fit enough power generation to be available at 2025, the nuclear-phase-out date. In addition, the energy standard, sounded out by Belgian industrialists who would like their electricity rules to like to have their competitors on the # 39; the other side of the border, and also the reformation of & # 39; degression of electricity. The offshore education, requested by the European Commission, may also influence some companies.


The hurdle in limbo

We then talk about a few days. The social partners are in deep discipline (it is not enough to say so) on one of the # 39; The important aspects of pension change, namely taking into account the mage of career for a pre-retirement. And, it's bad, they come to give the ball back in the government camp. Daniel Bacquelaine will therefore find a solution to finalizing the file. It is well presented in the public sector, but everything will remain, as so, for the private sector.

At the same time, it is still continuing to finalize the record of half-board retirement. It is made by the Minister of Ried, but must comply with the parliament's disaster, while it becomes critical. Ultimately, the focus pens project continues. With one nuance we have known for a while that it is impossible to finalize through the end of the legislation.

National Investment Pact

The traffic of the National Compact for strategic investments, preferably to Charles Michel, but also to businesses (the government runs a private investment of 55% through public-private partnership), was placed in September. It costs more than 150 billion euros, spreading six major positions of mobility to cyber security and digital technology. But at this time, we only have a traffic jam. It goes, of course, far beyond this legislation (until 2030). But it is still necessary to put in place a political and technical commission to harmonize the procedures between 'federation organizations', to provide a legal, administrative and fiscal guarantee for the investments. And realize it.


Buying the F-35 realization

Decided to replace the F-16, that is done. The government finally bought the US Lockheed Martin and his F-35s. But concrete negotiations should now go. Just as the decision was made to buy injured travelers for the French for 1.6 billion euros. In addition, other military brands must still be present – for the navy, in particular.


The 2 B, Brexit and Belfius

Other files have to be governed by the government until the end of the legislation. And can be complicated to stand out without a majority. These include the management of Brexit, which include Belgian companies exhibiting 12 billion euro. Or the Belfius IPO, linked to the Arco file, the Loch Ness monster from lawyer.

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