Sunday , June 13 2021

Sébastien Catoul was 41 years old

The roads were slippery that night. Do we know the cause of a tragic accident by Sébastien Catoul? A survey is underway to determine the exact conditions.

What we know is that the Hutois home is returning then & # 39; it's a conservationist. After the shock, he lost control of his car, a fiat scudo, white. , That & # 39; t serve on the roof.

Festivals in the HeMeCo area were warned in the morning at 3.45 o'clock. But in spite of their rapid intervention, they cannot do anything to preserve the unfortunate conservation. He was dead.

He always had a cock
"Seems one of his family. – FB

Home & # 39; s police were named at the place.

The body was taken care of by Huy's Funes Noël pump. The Mont Falise easily cares for the removal of ability.

Since this morning, many social networks have been paid for Sébastien Catoul, " a golden guy, always with a cock, always to help people, without ever taking the worst step ", one of his family tells us.

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