Thursday , June 17 2021

Sarri's big fight against his players after Chelsea's loss to Arsenal

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Chelsea coach Maurizio Sarri expressed his anger on Saturday after Arsenal's decision (2-0) in the Premier League, including "a group of players who are hard to motivate".

"I prefer to speak Italian, I want to send a message to my players, and I want to make my message very clear, I don't want to miss my English", said the Italian technician at the press conference. post-match.

"I have to say I am angry myself, very angry," then he attacked. "This loss is mainly due to our mentality, our spiritual approach, we played against a team that is much more mental than we are, and that is what I cannot accept."

"We had a similar problem in the championship in Tottenham (late November, Ed.). We talked a lot about our approach in time, I thought we would overcome this problem, but we always and we still do not have enough motivation, mental toughness and determination, so I'm not happy, really not happy, "continued Sarri, reference to" a group of players who are hard to motivate ".

"It seems to me that, as a group of players, are not just too aggressive from a mental point, they do not have a lot of feelings in their mentality, because of the type of players that they are. change, you must try to influence their mentality and it can take a lot of time, or be changed by the arrival of a new player, "he said. He estimated, he said, "open" about the situation with his players.

"I am very aware of the fact that this team is never known for their fighting spirit (…) But what we need to become is a team that can adapt it, a team that & # 39; t often suffer can do 10-15 minutes in a game, but who can then play his own football, "he said.

After the defeat, Chelsea's fourth place in the Champions League is defeated by Arsenal and Manchester United, who are now three points behind the Blues.

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