Saturday , May 21 2022

Products with human placenta: Social Canada Hints the alarm


Health Canada warns the public against using products that contain human placenta, a practice that can cause serious health risks.

The federal man said Tuesday that the human placenta is a "biological material" and so can the infected agents act as bacteria or viruses of hepatitis or HIV.

Some mothers use placenta (pastor, cookie, duplication and capsule) to prevent the postpartum depression or breast milk production. The health of Canada, however, is the opinion that now The scientific evidence is to provide health benefits to human placenta-consumers.

In addition, it believes that products contain plasma or medicines, regardless of their preference for the requirements of the Act and Drugs Act and the Rules of Procedure and Drugs, and should be approved before it can be in Canada.

"To do this, Health Canada first needs data to support its safety and effectiveness, and Health Canada does not have registered health registrations registered with the human plasma consensus in Canada," read a news report.

In Quebec, the Ministry of Socialists also strongly advocates the invasion of placenta. Since July 2017 it must be older, which requires it, according to a guideline from the Ministry.

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