Wednesday , May 12 2021

Plus trains are supposed to be dated midnight: the shutter speeds impact

On the line Anvers-Bruxelles-Nivelles / Charleroi, the two S1 train trains and events will be held at the Bruxelles Midi at the RER site. There is also a desserviront for the Forest-Est, Uccle-Stalle, Uccle-Calevoet, Ukkel-Stale, Ukkel-Calevoet, Linkebeek, Rhode-Saint-Genèse, The Hoek, Waterloo, Braine-L'Alleud, Lillois, Nivelles and Obaix-Buzet, contraignant The trips will turn towards the Stables or the TECs.

These trains will be shipped and desservir dès lors Charleroi-Sud via Luttre, Courcelles-Motte, Roux et Marchienne-au-Pont. The weekend, which will only be chosen for the day S1 Anvers-Central (22h05) -Bruxelles-Midi (23h21) -Charleroi, but only via Luttre and Marchienne-au-Pont.

Jusqu'en in 2020, the two train trains IC Bruxelles-Namur-Luxembourg have poured more circulating in Libramont. Ces trains ne desserviront plus les gares de Marbehan, Arlon et Luxembourg.

Of tracets

The departure time of some ICs, S and L train stations will be matched between Liers and Liège-Guillemins and Liège-Guillemins and Marloie. The train S41 Verviers-Central-Herstal offers temporary limits in Liège-Guillemins, another match is expected at 9 minutes to the center of Liège and Liers.

The departure time of the train from L Libramont-Athus-Arlon and Athus-Luxembourg is adapted for daily maintenance. It will be different from the rest of the day.

Un jeudi par mois entre 8h40 et 15h20, travaux entraineront le remplacement de tous les trains par des bus entre Mons et Quévy, dans les secondes sens.

There are many good news about the SNCB, which is also part of the day.

In addition, the frequency of the S2 Braine-le-Comte-Bruxelles-Louvain will be broadcast in September on Saturday, either a train every 30 minutes.

The new trains between Liège et Verviers

In a weekly session, the S41 Liège-Guillemins-Verviers-Central (Angleur, Chênée, Chaudfontaine, Trooz, Fraipont, Nessonvaux and Pepinster) will be reinforced by two new train trains at one hour (one night, one night).

After completion of the train, the intruder of the L Spa-Géronstère-Verviers-Central-Aix-la-Chapelle train.

Finally, as advertised, the entry of the new transportation plan is highlighted in the service of the liaison between Paris and Namur, Charleroi et Mons.

For the sake of simplicity, travelers are invited to consult the SNCB communication network (application, site) to get familiar with the modifications of the concern.

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