Sunday , October 17 2021

Paris Airport serves Alibaba's arrival in Liège


If the Chinese greens in Liège boasts, the city will be the first distribution center in Europe of this one.

IThere is a lot of frogs on the finish of Ali Baba in Liège, according to various sources that are familiar with the case. According to our information, the directors of a Parisian island, Liuge Airport journalist, blocked the file at a council meeting held last week.

The file was not sufficient enough
"Since a source."
The file that is presented is not complete
"Since the other,"
We asked you to see the full file before you've all done well
They add.

There are still questions about the property of ownership
"Since a third source."
Fedex lobbying at airport airport
"Since the first source, so the blockade of its directors, the US federal leader Fedex announced last year new investments in order to strengthen its small visa in Lyts and to look into the country promised to Alibaba, So, that's the space, says one of our sources.

"The deal will be made"

The contacts, the Paris Airport and the Liège Airport do not want to comment. In the time of writing, Fedex did not answer any further questions.

The council council will come tomorrow and is expected that the property agreement is approved. The Board of Directors of & # 39; The airport will still have to buy the share, but the Paris airport has blocked a majority.

The deal will be done
", We were told by sources that are known to the case that the current crisis is not administrative for the arrival of Alibaba in Liège.

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