Tuesday , November 30 2021

Pär Zetterberg: "Neither the belle-mère de Vanhaezebrouck, ni la taupe du président"


COn Wednesday, November 1, Pär Zetterberg, accepted the challenge that Michael Verschueren proposed, the new sportsman of the RSCA. This morning after midnight, just before leaving the avion for Göteborg, the airport is located at 100 km north of its residential neighborhood of Falkenberg, we have a lot to talk about with people who can live up to their superintendents the premiere team of the RSCA

Pär Zetterberg, welcome home to a quelque …

C'est un peu ça, oui. The Sweden rests on my pays, Falkenberg is the whole of which I am, but Anderlecht is all the same as the particular statute: that's my second home.

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