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Orelsan wants to replace Johnny with his weird dream.


Video – A real name for a French singer named Aurélien Cotentin broadcasted the first clip of his new album on Wednesday. The party is over., His release is scheduled for Thursday. Rhythm tracks, duets with Belgian rapper Damso, and anthology records.

The party is over.… or not. Orelsan returns from the clip to the service. A strange dreamIt was aired on YouTube on Wednesday. after Family defeatThe French interpreter feels ill. The evening bus ride does not go as planned for him. "Star in the snow, shinobi, I'm going to replace Johnny," he says. Tonight, I am going, why I am so (…) I have a strange dream, I have unexplained things. "

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Orelsan is his new video

Orelsan has his new video "Strange Dreams" YouTube Orelsan

In the 1980s video directed by Adrien Lagier and Ousmane Ly, special effects are applied in order. Orelsan is in the middle of the city, with guns, colorful prints and dressed women surrounded by children walking through ferrets. If he has nothing to do with his group of friends, he will face armed hunters.

This clip darkens in the second part when Damso arrives and is a Belgian rapper, a new album lithopedion It is already a platinum disk. "He is deadly deadly in the depths of sin, and he is always pressured by the waste of his body." He sings in a dark depot of dark hues. Damso landed in the same city as his fellow. "I was disappointed in my relatives, I was disappointed in my parents, my friends were disappointed and I was disappointed in my idols." Maybe it's a reference to his ex-mentor, Booba.

New Orelsan clip dam,

Dam of the new Orelsan clip, "Strange dream". YouTube Orelsan

As usual, Damso also means slavery and racism. He stands and dresses like a prince in a white shirt. Then he passes through the other side of the mirror and appears again on his white bangs, scrambled by his executioner. "Humanism is racist because it whites Jesus, but the fleece of bronze is foot."

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A strange dream It's the first track on the new Orelsan album, The party is over., His release is scheduled for midnight Thursday. If 11 songs are well known as Damets duets, you can sell 500,000 copies of the Sijo song sold in 2017.

His fans will be able to find him on stage at the Accor Hotel Arena in Lyon, France, on November 5th and 6th, December 17th, traveling throughout France.

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