Sunday , May 28 2023

"Mouscron, the station hall where you can place agents and players"


This Wednesday's search was conducted as part of a fraud and money laundering investigation at the Mouscron Club suspected of being under the control of an investigator. Finiza Harvey.

French journalist Romain Molina is precisely focused on the possibilities of the calendar, which is a powerful agent of the & # 39; Super Agent & # 39; in "Mano Negra"The title of the book is, it also implies … Mouscron. He also mentions Pini Zahavi, the agent described as the most powerful player in world football. According to Romain Molina, the agent of the club's runners has been banned, but fully expanded.

"The news about the Mouscron is not surprising, I think it's the same for the club's staff, and after the Mouscron was controlled by Lille, the club was actually in the hands of an agent. Resale to Zahavi and Maltese Companies Pali Ramadani. They tried to hide it because the agent could not own the club in Belgium or elsewhere. They returned the club with 10 euros to Pini Zahavi's nephew. And I resold the club to my current owner. Pairoj PiempongsantWho has been acquainted with Zaha in the business world for 15 years?Romain Molina said.

"Why did they go to Mouscron? I think Belgium offers a lot of discretion, everything was possible, and it was a pretty interesting place with little investment." If you cancels debt and accepts all capitals, many foreign investors Mouscron is the agent who can put an agent, who has a big player in his wallet: who will contact them? The people they are in contact with. Obviously the Belgian authorities have closed their eyes for many years. It's a beautiful football country, but do not be surprised by what these people have let you do, for example, a few years ago I learned a lesson from the episode of La Louvière, Cyprus, Greece, Letoi, Lithuania or France: It is known in the middle. I want to be quiet If you are a player in Belgium, please. ", The reporter continued.

This file also talks about money laundering or other fraudulent cases. "There are a lot of deals between Mouscron and Apollon Limassol. I know that some players did not play in one club or any other club … The signing of the players in Limassol's contract is not good, some did not go to Cyprus, Some of the rights belong to the club Football is hosted by people and stock market players This system is getting more and more important and there are more and more people managing clubs in this way Other examples: The champion of Latvia is controlled by the agent who was in charge beforeAndriy Chenhenko. Pini Zahavi is the most powerful man and diplomat in world football. When he is not here, I think he will be a puncher because he keeps a certain balance. He created the system now. He can not imagine. For example, a person of genuine diplomatic and political importance in the Cold War. When he leaves, it will be a war because everyone will want to take his place. "We have concluded our Interviewer.

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