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More than ten years of complaints to live Vincent Vincent


Paris (AFP) – Vincent Lambert's victim, victim of a traffic accident, has crashed ten years ago on the maintenance of this man whose "vegetarian state" is "irreversible", according to a new expert report that the court can be placed.

– vegetative status –

Vincent Lambert traveled to Reims since a traffic accident, in September 2008, was in a vegetative state, with no hope of improvement, doctors say in 2011.

On April 10, 2013, CHU started a live protocol with his wife Rachel. Vincent Lambert, according to his sister Marie and his wife, had "clearly" indicated his accident that he did not want a hard treatment, but did not leave any written instructions.

– Preserve justice –

The Châlons-en-Champagne administrative board, ratified by elemental anti-passive euthanasia, ordered the restoration of food in May 2013. He complains of the doctors for misuse of information from the family.

On January 11, 2014, the CHU will inform the family that artificial nourishment and hydration will stop, according to Leonetti law, that the therapeutic inability has been forbidden. Of four experts, but one exists for livelihood.

On January 13, the court ruled by the parents, a sister and half brother, contains the continuation of treatment, "useless and unproportional". Rachel Lambert and the CHU request to the Council of State.

– willingness of the saturation & # 39; –

After a new expertise, the specificity and general deterioration of the general condition is affirmative, the State Commission stated on June 24, 2014 for the preservation of care.

Recommendation by parents, the right of European law of # 39; the rights of human rights June 5, 2015, this judgment does not have the right to life.

On July 10, the CHU announced a new procedure for stopping treatment. At the 23rd, against all candidates, the doctors refuse to go to & # 39; a standard of health care, ruling that the conditions of & nbsp; & nbsp; the desires and the security are needed. They ask for the appointment of a legal representative for the patient.

– Rachel Lambert, teacher –

On October 9, the administrative court suspended the suspension request for care that was begun by his cousin. Judges believe that doctors are justified for their professional and moral independence. have to deal with treatment after previous court decisions.

On March 10, 2016 the judge Rachel Lambert as a teacher. Lambert's parents represent respect for profession and appointment.

Nancy's Administrative Admirer, Decision of October 9, 2015, decides on June 16, 2016 that the consultations of experts may lead to a stop of emergency restart. The parents form a new appeal to the Council of State. He argues in July 2017 that an uphill consultation would be "illegal".

– The hospital for stop treatment –

On January 11, 2017, Vincent Lambert asked his parents that he was transferred to a special institute, declaring a complaint against Reims's University Secretary for "giving him a personal name can not protect ".

On March 24th, the Reims Court of Appeal traveled. The Court of Cassation confirms that only Rachel Lambert can request this request.

The Reims University Center announces on 27 September a new procedure that can lead to the preservation of care. The parents ask the Council of State to abolish the decision, but their request is rejected on January 31, 2018.

On April 9, after five months of consultations, the University Hospital of Reims decided to terminate treatments & # 39 ;. But on the 20th day, the administrative court, offered by the parents, a new expertise ordered.

On June 6, a challenge for the experts of parents, a sister and half brother has been rejected. On the 14th, the three endangered medical experts were expelled, with their inability to "manipulate and criticize" their immunity.

– "Repeatable" state –

On July 2, the judge orders a new expert report. Vincent Lambert's "chronic vegetative state" is affirmed as "lonely," according to the report that received November 18 by AFP.

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