Saturday , September 19 2020
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Microsoft invests heavily in OpenAI founded by Elon Musk


The main problem of our time, artificial intelligence, is important for many Microsoft's who decided to put them in their shorts to stay behind. To better position themselves, the company has chosen to join forces with OpenAI.

Relatively comfortable financial with excellent quarterly results can look ahead and invest Microsoft in a future. This is also what the company did just by announcing a $ 1 billion injection into the OpenAI company that has been a partner since 2016.

As a reminder, the specialized company, as the name suggests, was founded in artificial intelligence by the all-inclusive Elon Musk, who, in 2018, resigned as president, quoting potential inter-conflict conflicts with activities of his company Tesla Motors. Originally designed to develop artificial intelligence technologies for overall good, OpenAI has gone from being a nonprofit to a capped profit corporation. Today, the company becomes a preferred partner of the giant Microsoft.

The purpose? Officially, it is a question of working together to build new AI systems, but also on a more commercial level to facilitate the placing of these avant-garde technologies. From a more technical point of view, OpenAI will use the Microsoft cloud (Azure) to develop and operate its artificial intelligence software. According to both entities, it is a common vision of AI that drives them to unite forces. The fight against climate change, health and education is highlighted. Above all, Microsoft teams will be able to access OpenAI technologies – and brains – much easier than before.

This large partnership has already been presented by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella as a major breakthrough in artificial intelligence. Whilst Microsoft has targeted it, it promises that this combination of technologies will deeply help democratize AI, while providing security that is not needed for its development.

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