Tuesday , January 19 2021

Mercedes / Hamilton dominance superior to Ferrari / Schumacher

Jean Todt was the boss of the Ferrari team at the time Michael sSchumacher won five of its seven world titles with Scuderia between 2000 and 2004, and while Scuderia submitted six consecutive championships for constructors, from 1999 to 2004. Schumacher and Ferrari were the benchmark for the majority of those seasons and established the most dominant dominance of a manufacturer until the hybrid era that began in 2014.

However, this year Mercedes clearly broke the Ferrari record with the collection in the bag of two new crowns (drivers and manufacturers), bringing its number of double world crowns to seven, between 2014 and 2020.

Hamilton has now equaled a total of seven Schumacher world titles and surpassed Germany’s record for victories and poles, drawing unmistakable comparisons between the two eras.

Todt, whose admiration for his former driver is enormous, finds it difficult to draw comparisons between Hamilton and Schumacher, but believes that the Brit and Mercedes can now be seen as more dominant in his government than Ferrari.

“I think we’re talking about different people, different ingredients”, said Todt. “The only thing we can really compare is seven against seven. But otherwise, on the one hand, you had a very structured and organized German team, with a very talented, extremely talented driver! On the other hand, you had you had an Italian team with a different mentality, a different approach, which became a well-structured, well-organized and also [avec] a great pilot, Michael Schumacher. “

Todt’s opinion on the matter is, of course, particularly interesting. “I think, and I will be sure to be quoted, that the supremacy, the dominance of Mercedes and Lewis, is greater than ours, in the days of Ferrari and Michael. And to their credit the car is very except for the second Bahrain race that Lewis missed, in two years he did not miss [l’occasion] to score points in a race. It is absolutely remarkable. And the pilot makes no mistakes. It’s just a new combination. “

Could be happy about the success of the one who now dominates F1 and smashes all the records one after the other, Todt says he is not only impressed by the performance of Lewis Hamilton the driver, but also by the way he has performed . behaved him and showed team spirit.

“I was very impressed, but I did not wait until 2020 to be”, he smiles. “You just mentioned that he is celebrating as world champion for the seventh time, that I am at least six times earlier impressed! I am also impressed with the continuity of what his team has managed to achieve. We are in a world where it is not just a sportsman or a sportswoman, he is a man and a machine, and here is the best example of exceptional team spirit, of teamwork. “

“I have to give Lewis a lot of credit too: every time he talks about success he talks about the team behind him [l’obtenir], I’m very concerned and that clearly explains why some records are broken and others are equal. “

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