Tuesday , February 7 2023

Market Closure | Kempen "Buy" Greenyard | The Fed supports the dollar.


Europe in the red after the Fed and the results, Edenred against the trend

One. Major European stock exchanges are evolving.
Net decline after determining reserve currency policy
The federal government (Fed), which supported the assumption of rate hike,
December and new business results publication.

Paris was 1.09%, Frankfurt was 0.86%, Amsterdam was 0.46%
0.44% of Brussels. The Eurostoxx 50 index of the eurozone is declining.
0.84% ​​and Stoxx 600 is also lost by 0.85%.

The Stoxx Core Resource Index fell 2.4% with the decline.
The price of major metals such as copper rises the most.
Weekly sharp decline since mid-August.

4. Warnings about results ThyssenKrupp Behavior of German steel producers has won a 10.28% victory in Frankfurt.

5. Stoxx oil and gas index Crude oil prices plummeted 1.07%. This context Ruby, And it was already attacked by the quarterly publications as disappointing. The status of energy storage specialist is the biggest drop of Stoxx to 11.63%.

6. Switzerland Yellow cards Richmond (-6.34%) are shaking the entire sector. Sample More than 5% back, MONCLER 2.5% loss, Kering down 2.9%, LVMH down 1.79%.

7. retreat BBVA Mexico, to reduce government proposal
Banking is in the European banking sector.
The Stoxx index fell 1.68%.

8. Contrary, Edenred (+ 3.83%) stands out at the top of the Stoxx 600 at € 600 million after the acquisition of US Fintech CSI.

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