Tuesday , October 26 2021

Marche to the climate in Brussels: the races of the manifestation (infographie)


The rally is set in the surroundings of the North Gate at 11 am.

EThere are 20,000 people and 25,000 people attend the Brussels Marathon Weekend in Indian Ocean in a communiqué of the Bruxelles Capitale Ixelles Police. An event organized on the day of the opening of COP24, organized in Katowice and Poland.

The rally is set in the surroundings of the North Gate at 11h. Le départ est prévu vers 13h. The Passover manifestation via the Boulevard Roi Albert II, the small belt surface (Botanique-Madou) and the rue de la Loi in the opposite direction, towards the Schuman and the Cinquantenaire roundabout. The dislocation takes place on the plan of the Cinquantenaire.

Edition of the Subscribed Numbers

At the moment, a part of the manifesto (1.500 advertisements) belongs to the same name and empowers the other side of the pet store, the longest Canal, the Porte de Hal, the Place Louise and Namur's porch. The two groups will rejoice at Carrefour Arts / Loi and will terminate the races of the ensemble, precisely the police.

The tunnel Cinquantenaire / Loi direction center and the E40 Reyers in the direction of the Loi rue will be closed, at 13h. As part of the manifestation of the manifestation, the tunnels of the small belt can be fused to the circulation.

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