Saturday , May 28 2022

Manchester United dominates the Young Boys of Berne and qualifies for the current – Ligue des champions 2018-2019 – Football


Manchester aime play with the fans of fans. After having defeated the Juventus in the last minutes of the match, the Mancuniens have now reached a win in the extra time, fighting Young Boys (1-0). This will win miraculous and in-depth, ensuring Jose Mourinho's qualifications for the finals of the last, a companion of the Juventus, Victorian victorian (1-0).

And it's good enough to retreat from the Red Devils side by side. Malgré de bonnes intentions en premieré période, les Mancuniens ont fait prévu d'un manque de justesse technique criant. Sans Pogba ni Lukaku, on the bail at the coup d'état, c'est Rashford qui aurait du mettre en évidence. The fact is that there is a normal occasion at the beginning of the match (5th), which is frolicking the port of suisse. Ultimately, this is the announcer of the cauchemardic acid that has survived the advent of the youth center, multiplying the tentative offs (27th, 45th, 56rd, 67th).

The crisp, then the libation

In the second period, when it comes to attaining the intensity of Manchester's presence, the meeting is equilibrated. And the simultaneous entries of Pogba and Lukaku are not, probably, changed. Sense of the superior horizontal de Gea (71e), the Young Boys aims to take advantage of this adventure. Ultimately, this is the extermination of the Old Trafford fans – and the fans of fans of electronics – that Fellaini, after a knockout knockout from Lukaku, ends at Tromper Von Ballmoos (1-0, 90e + 1 ).

This will win in the last two seconds of the apparel and allow Manchester to be the ultimate leader in the last few days of the events of Valence on the last day. If Anthony Martial co-finals can not satisfy your content, you have to assure the essence.

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