Saturday , October 1 2022

Louis Michelle "attacks" the Belgian media. Is it a "sacrifice strategy"?


This afternoon, the show C 'est pas tous has a weekend on Sunday. Christophe Deborsu and his guests recently returned to the outing of Louis Michelle, who thought "the Belgian media was opposed to government policy". What should we think about this attack on the media? Is not this a strategy?

"In Korea, especially in Frankpu, there is a one – sided opposition to the government 's policies. We have a problem."A few days ago, Louis Michel published a letter from the newspaper 's newspaper, and according to L' Echo the day after the general election, Charles Michel would have made it at the Politburo.When RTBF opens the news on Saturday at 19:30 on climate change, we know that Ecolo has everything set to win.Is there a frustrating atmosphere among the French journalists at the time when Donald Trump continues to criticize criticizing media? Journalists and politicians?

Lack of resources for quality media?

Georges-Louis Bouchez, the general representative of the reform movement, was less harsh than the party leader. He pointed out the weaknesses of the means to explain.Further investigation is lacking."According to him, he also"Diversity and Representation of Various Socio-economic Trends in NewsroomHe also denied the prime minister's comment on the RTBF.


A political reporter was in the set. Vif / L & # 39; Express's Nicolas De Decker thought of the strategy of MR and N-VA as follows: "It is quite new in Belgium. I was a journalist, and I am unanimously insulted when I write something offensive to everyone. My newspaper is boycotted by the personality of everyone. At this point we can be quite relieved by our contribution to ourselves and our honesty. The new is a strategy for the sacrifice of MR, including Charles Michel and N-VA. For example a protest of protest".

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