Tuesday , September 27 2022

Long Island City, a neighbors confused by Amazon


Advanced housing construction: New York's Long Island City, where Amazon can hire 25,000 people, is already in turmoil and worries that the emergence of massive online trade will ease tensions.

Nothing is certain now. The New York Times, however, announced last Monday that Amazon, which began its battle between cities in September 2017 to accommodate its second headquarters, finally decided to cut the ship in two ways. He has two new anchors, Crystal New York City, Washington City near Long Island City.

For those who have never crossed the East River separating Manhattan and Queens neighbors, Long Island City will result in a red signal.Pepsi"Giant, you can see it in Manhattan.

This neon assembly is the wreckage of a huge factory in this group closed in 1999. Long Island CityLIC", During most of the 20th century – an industrial center provided by river proximity and high-performance rail networks.

With the de-industrialization, LIC had to reinvent radicalism in New York in the turn of the 21st century.

Modified neighborhood

Dozens of towers have been rebuilt over a decade, with new offices and homes, more populations and higher ground. Bloomingdale, Ralph Lauren F. Kennedy, close to the airports of Manhattan and La Guardia and John.

The edge of East River was redeveloped, the landscaped park came from the floor, and branded chairs and joggers broke into.

"They are built and built. Everything in there, whether or not the arrival of Amazon, is the same."Says Pascal Escriout, owner of the Tournesol restaurant in the south of the Long Island City Theater.If it were not for them, they would be others."

"Over the last decade, this area has changed so much that it will be just one element in the neighborhood."Says Mike Barratt, bike shop manager in Hunters Point, southwest of LIC.

At the current Seattle headquarters, the exact location of the cramped Amazon could not be revealed. However, the possibilities are not lacking in a heterogeneous set where extreme modernity meets old discarded chimneys.

Many people have to lease for 15 to 20 years and leave because it is too expensive.

Many people compare Long Island City to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the most prominent example of New York's past 20 years.

In many people's opinion, it is difficult to mix between a young family buying expensive things and a younger family and neighbors who are much cheaper than the Manhattan family.

"Many people have to lease for 15 to 20 years and leave because it is too expensive."Says Mike Barratt.So they got angry."

With the widespread urbanization of Long Island City,Dormitory Village"I regret Pascal Estriart."People stay in the building. And when they leave, they go to Manhattan."

Even before Amazon was mentioned, dozens of additional buildings were planned for Long Island City for executive and middle-level executives like Jeff Bezos.

Miller Samuel, president of real estate company Jonathan Miller, said the market was sinking.

Arrival of the Amazon "It will be to seek a promoter who has already been in construction despite the over-supply."He claimed.

Saturated mobility

Many are also concerned about the effects of 25,000 employees already saturating and retiring public transport.

"It was not cooked at all."On Thursday, Jimmy Van Bremer elected a New York City councilor."Before Amazon can be identified, we need to be able to manage it and have the infrastructure available to keep the area under water."

"We can not let residents over long periods of time get away from frequent transportation of rent and overload."He added.

He also bluntly criticized the lack of transparency in the process of New York governor Andrew Cuomo about the benefits promised to the Amazon without specifying nature.

"I'll do whatever it takes to make it work."Cuomo said the arrival of the Amazon on Monday"Economic whip"For the whole week.

Bill de Blasio New York Mayor is also optimistic.

"There will be a problem. There will be challenges. But I think we can overcome it."Said the Democratic Party on Wednesday.

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