Monday , August 8 2022

Libramont: The structure of the joint university has been revealed.



The fifth senior, Jonathan Martin, will be responsible for animal welfare.

The composition of the new community college of Libramont-Chevigny and the distribution of technology have been introduced. Burgomaster Laurence Crucifix (Chevi) is responsible for police, security, civil status, finance, personnel, economy (sales and purchasing), communication, land use planning, agriculture and forestry. GAL Nov & # 39; Ardenne. The first owner, Bernard Jacquemin (Chevi), will take care of the work, water and lively transitions. The second elder Christophe Mouzon (Chevi) will have technology, education and school infrastructure, tutoring, urban planning, housing and health.

The third and fourth elderly people are active in mobility, business / SME / self-employed, ICT, forest / hunting / fishing, cemetery and Bertrand Nique (Chevi) with Carole Janssens (Chevi) sports and sports infrastructure, Includes Generation and PCDR. The fifth Alderman Jonathan Martin (LIBR & Envol) becomes a culture (cultural center and library), tourism, civic participation, cultural heritage (museum of museums, museum of the Celts, Marie Howet), halls and associations and good animals. Cédric Willay, the next president of CPAS, will also be in charge of social issues, senior citizens, tutoring and social welfare.


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