Friday , January 27 2023

Laura Smet: Her strong words after the performance of David Hallyday at the NRJ Music Awards


On Saturday, November 10th, David Hallyday played at the NRJ Music Awards. Last letterHis father, Johnny and his sister, Laura, were written to give tribute to the making of the clip.

Locker's older children did not say their last words. When the talks with Laeticia Hallyday on Johnny Hallyday's legacy are delayed, Laura Smet and David Hallyday once again win the battle for images. On Saturday, November 10th, David Hallyday interpreted the work with limited scope. Last letter, Inspired by his father. on France Information, The musician explained: "My last letter,It is a song of love and passion.It is what we want to give to those we love before we leave. This song has a beautiful story. I composed it in February and soon started playing on the tour. I wanted to tell the public something.You can share this moment, a very intimate song. "

sHe wrote this work dedicated to David Hallyday's father who asked his sister Laura Smet to make a clip and put it in the image.He confessed his reason to Paris. "This clip is actually a witness of what it is, and who else can show it besides Laura? We know what it really is. Shortly after playing at the NRJ Music Awards, David Hallyday thanked the public for his story of the Instagram social network. In a commentary, his sister convinced him of his love and his pride: "I am so proud that I love you."

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