Monday , January 30 2023

"Kookin": Bib Gourmand's pasta cutter!


Wallon Brabant

Thorembais-Saint-Trond's restaurant, which opened 7 months ago, has already attracted attention!

This Thursday morning, the 2019 version of Bib Gourmand was released. The above award given by the Michelin Guide will decorate restaurants that offer exceptional menus below € 37 per guest.

If three Walloon Brabant restaurants this year have lost Wabre's Altro Mondo, Waterloo's Mamy Louise and Nivelles's Divino Gusto, the guide still has seven addresses in Young Province. This is Tero of Wavre, Little Son of Lasne, Avenue of Nivelles. Where can you tell me? Once upon a time in Nivelles, you and I were in Kivin, Nivelles, Mamy Louise in Wavre, and a new child: Thorembais-Saint-Trond (Perwez).

The restaurant, run by Guillaume Gersdorff, who opened on April 1, had an amazing week. After entering Miyoshi Last Monday, I appeared on Bib Gourmand now. "It's a wonderful week.Kookin's boss says. We just opened the restaurant seven months ago and have already won awards. It is true that there are still many things, but we did not expect such success. "

The concept is tempting: Imagine a meal that uses mainly pasta. Whether it's a beginner, a dish, or a dessert! "Even if you have a little thought to find an idea, it will be creative.I laughed the chef. For dessert, for example, create caramelized ravioli or cocoa tagliatelle with passion fruit. Sometimes it is often difficult to say that people will eat pasta with dessert mass.

A true success story for small teams. "We have three things to do: someone in the kitchen, someone in the room, someone who loves to go into the room,Guillaume Gersdorff concludes that it can accommodate up to 35 people per service.


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