Saturday , May 28 2022

Khattabi returns to Emmanuelle Praet-saak: "I will no longer miss our groups"



In an interview on Wednesday, Ecolo President, Zakia Khattabi, says that RTL was not asked to leave Colombian Emmanuelle Praet.

The ecologist warns against misrepresentation and advocates his opponents who need the "need to make a complete election problem". Ms Khattabi calls on the request of a tweet asking RTL to correct what Mrs Praet said. "I participated in a few shows with her and I saw that they came there with MR note notes (note: contact, the MR said they did not send notes), it smacked me. I never interrupted because we had the political origin of Some know chroniclers, but one of them gives such clear voice instructions, it's a disaster and misinformation! ", Describes the equator.

According to her counterparts, including DeFi, she worries that "these people make a fundamental subject of a lot of election campaigns and before they say that they are the result of October 14, they think it's necessary to kill Ekolo. ".

She adds that the argument of criminal ecology does not fit with any reality. "This is a slogan of 'beginning of' century, and today, the reality of environmentalists far from these taxes, and the punishment is air pollution and low quality food."

Since then, it has promoted a "bashing" against military leaders. show that they have nothing to answer # have the climate, but I will not abuse the intelligence or awareness of the climaticness of our activists and our voters.

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