Thursday , February 25 2021

In colère, Trump threatens the "subventions" of General Motors


The Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the United States President Donald Trump have shared their "descent" on General Motors, which will remove the millions of jobs in their country, demanding for the sort of travailleurs .

"The two leaders have expressed their appreciation for the decision of the General Motors decision of the fewer usurings in Canada and the United States," said the Cabinet of Directors of Canada.

MM. Trudeau et Trump "they are also the requests for workers, family and communal touches," adding the source.

The two North American leaders are "poor in Argentina" this week, when the G20 summit is expected to be signed, with Mexico, the New York-Canada Accord (New York State Accord) AEUMC) ", which replaces the old version of the Free Exchange (Aléna), and pursues Ottawa.

"The Prime Minister and the President have agreed that the new commercial agreement between Canada, the United States and Mexico contributes to strengthening North American competitiveness", reminiscent of the Cabinet of Trudeau.

Prior to the signature of the award ceremony on the 1st of October, Ottawa has devoted the levies of the American tax dollars to the aluminum and aluminum imports. Le Canada applauded the tax records and reprints.

According to Ottawa, Justin Trudeau, the professor of trade with Donald Trump, "suggests that he is important that both parties pay attention to the rights of the acne and the aluminum." The cabinet of M. Trudeau refuses to have a look at this content.

Shortly after his exchange, the American president threatened to block Twitter from the General Motors portfolio, was "extremely disappointed" by suppressing 15% of the employees of the premier American automobile industry.

M. Trump expects the suppression of subsidies "including the electronics voices", without further delays.

In my case at Ottawa, Jerry Dias, the syndical representation of the salaried GM cadres touched by the closure of a worker employed around 2,500 salaries in the nearby Toronto area, including Justin Trudeau.

"We have sessions at the crossroads of the train," and was reminded of the press after being entrusted with the Premier Ministries of Canada. "The truth is that GM is on the point of retiring all Canada's investments, and will bring about a catastrophic end to the Canadian industry's most lucrative export," said the UNIFOR Syndicat Président .

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