Tuesday , September 27 2022

"I think very strongly about mosquitoes"


Mehdi Bayat, managing director of Sporting Charleroi, enjoyed the victory against FC Brugge (2-1). I am now convinced of the situation of my brothers in jail. Footbelgate, a vast business.

It is very special because I am still a club officer who has to push the boat.
", Explained a strong male zebra from the mic of RTBF. Before continuing:"
However, I am also a brother who supports better than any family. I think brother mosquitoes very strongly. I think of my sister and four nieces. One of my nephews was here tonight and I felt a lot of joy when I saw him smiling and smiling. We try to help each other like other families who support ourselves in difficult moments.. "

"Play-off 1 place materials"

Of course, it was a question of the excellent performance of Felice Mazzù, who was able to better demonstrate Belgian championship defense. For Bayat, this is a fair reward for the bishop. "I Think of a critically acclaimed coach. We forgot what we did. Charlotte's core is wonderful. So I think Sporting has the resources to get a good place in playoff 1.

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