Thursday , December 9 2021

"I think my brother mosquitoes very strongly tonight"


Medibayat Charleroi wins against FCBrugge (2-1) and then confided in the mic of RTBF. Leading Carolina has returned to three important points to keep Sports Carolina in PO1 games. The goal announced by Mehdi Bayat still shook the stadium after the match.I was really angry about the players."Charleroi, executive director, declared:I have to be sorry when I see that in the half-hour (where Bruges scored) and the rest of the game (Charleroi dominated and planted two goals). Now, we must continue. We show that after a week we have many qualities …"

"I think of a critically acclaimed coach."Carolo continued."We forgot what we did. Charlotte's core is wonderful. So I think Sporting has the resources to settle on PO1.. "

For a few weeks, Mehdi Bayat had a difficult time. His brother, Mogi, is still locked in as part of a footgate survey. "It is very special because I am still a club officer who has to push the boat."Mehdi Bayat yielded."I am also a brother who supports better than any family. I think my brother mosquitoes very strongly tonight. I think of my sister and four nieces. One of my nephews was here tonight and I felt a lot of joy when I saw him smiling and smiling. We try to help each other like other families who support ourselves in difficult moments.. "

"I am a Belgian football manager, a league manager, a federal manager"I tied Carol to a chain."And I use the moment to let you know that everything is not so bad. It gives every Belgian soccer feel guilty, which is not true. One feels like it's working hard, but it's not. The Federation has made tremendous progress. We are reminded of the eighth place in UEFA rankings. The country in front of us is a great country with economic power. We are the number one country in the FIFA rankings. All of this makes me say that I am still doing bad things in Belgium. We have to put this in order to balance.. "

"We did not wait for something to happen for reform."Mehdi finished Bayat."We work hard. I have volunteered for many years at the federation with the League and others. We try to reform every day. The Belgian Licensing Commission is doing something special. She provided support for running a financial fair at the UEFA level. This kind of thing must also be said."

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