Thursday , April 22 2021

Humanitæ understood her first generation [VIDÉO] [PHOTOS] | Company | The sun

Mr. Voyer was first appointed by Gaétan Barrette's former health minister to ensure that Humanitæ's development was well-founded. He eventually worked with the Heritage Group to develop the concept of European practice in this area, particularly in the Netherlands, where a community was present for people with Alzheimer's disease.

However, it is evident that one was not exactly the model of Quebec's foreign models. The Heritage Group then decided to take inspiration from principles such as freedom, occupation, the development of activities and the living and family environment.

The first floor, which is dedicated to common areas, is subtly divided into various sectors, borders from a garden space to the general store and from & # 39; a beauty and female salon to the bistro.

For those who & # 39; re getting a fresh air in & # 39; t get it, they are hired at & # 39; a cold weather hanging in case of forgetting residents. Eventually the farm will do house and goats. Although some can fish the grandma's fish, the more manual can come in the knowledge or even string of wood.

Whatever households lie on, they will also have whiteboards, workshops, and wake-up calls.

"How much they feel in a prison, the more frustration is, the more they are behavioral problems than the more we get antipsychotic rates, as we now have in Quebec," says Philippe Voyer. . . According to the Canadian Foundation for the Improvement of Healthcare, Quebec has the highest rate of antipsychotic prescription in Canada, between 40% and 60%.

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