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HIV: The number of new infections is alarming


HIV: The number of new infections is alarming

In 2017, the Vieux Continent has recorded 160,000 new infections, with 130,000 singles for the pays located in the Middle East.

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Even though the news of HIV infection in Europe is alarming, there is a report on the World Health Organization's report on the region and the Center for Control and Control prevention of maladies.

The news is great when it comes to viewing the euro area of ​​the European Union, with its 20% of the infection being recorded since 2015 by homosexuals.

"It's difficult to talk about new good news that is a new year marked by an inaccessible number of people infected by HIV", estimates the doctor Zsuzsanna Jakab, director of the WHO for Europe. "If the efforts to prevent infections occur in the course of the positive signs, we are not only referring to the attitudes of our 90-90-90 for 2020 goals" (90% of people living with HIV are named by their solo statute, 90% of All the infected individuals infected by HIV have responded to a long-term anti-retroviral tract, 90% of individuals receiving an antiretroviral tract have a long-term viral load, NDLR).

"We have our efforts, the HIV has to reduce the lives of individuals, and not only the suffering and illness, but also the dislike of discrimination and stigmatization," said the European Commissioner for the Center of Vyteni Andrianitis. He is convinced that he hopes to fill the long-term sustainable development of HIV in the world of this 2030, strengthening our collaborations with non-European countries. "We have been fighting the stigmatization of HIV and its trait and our efforts to fight against the misuse of the virus propagation. It is also important for our public health services to allow easy access to affordable medical and medical tests for the viruses in the risk of infection. "

As in the European Union in general, the number of new infections diminishes in Belgium. According to Sciensano, it is expected from 2% from 2016 to 2017 and 27.5% from 2012.

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