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His great baar paved a cancerous tumor of 35 kilos

A 47-year-old American woman who thought she was decent was retroperitoneal liposarcoma, a very rare cancer that creates a bird fever.

He thought he was decent; His prominent baar paved in 35-kilometer cancerous tumor. The story of Hector Hernandez, a 47-year-old American, traveled this international media this week for her unique character. His case is explained in detail about the medical information of WebMD.

At the time he was always overweight, Hector Hernandez was not alarmed by his recent status, concentrated at the level of his abbey. And most importantly, this employee of a computer company in the Los Angeles area was far from the examples that his belly struck with a growing cancer. "I always thought I was great," he said to the Washington Post on November 26. When his friends advise him to stop the beer by stopping his stomach with a sneer, he simply thinks he does not drink.

Beginning in 2018, the health of forty-four is quicker. Hector suffer from melting fire and ferment, and he finds it increasingly harder to catch his egg. He also realizes that his arms are becoming more and more powerful and that his grandmother hard to rush. He decides to consult a doctor. After a battery of exams, including medical officer of his farm, falls on the ground.

"This tumor is probably the greatest I have to have"

Dr. William Tseng, oncologist surveillance

Hector Hernandez has developed a cancerous membrane in the fat tissue of his kidney. This type of very rare cancer is called "retroperitoneal liposarcoma". A few days after this discovery, at the beginning of last July, the rumorous tumor was removed in an operation that took place six hours. "In career I worked for dozens of tumors of this type that was just between 10 and 13 kilograms," he said. Washington Post Dr. William Tseng, an oncologist surgeon at the Keck School of Medicine in the University of South California. "This is probably the greatest I have to have," he adds.

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Since then was the tumor? Not possible to know. How to explain that this cancer has been fully detected until this critical stage? First, the tumor is initially very small and without health. There is no sign of external delay, if it compresses another or reaches a nerve. Some patients may experience painful inconvenience, but most of the time they call them to sell other causes: bad diiette, painful menstruation, etc. Others expect that their arms are sharp, and this is a great indicator: it means that the tumor drives the nutrition to benefit.

Surgery is the standard of care for this cancer, although some teens have an additional chemotherapy or radiotherapy. And unfortunately this cancer is a great ordinary appeal. Fifty years after surgery, about half of patients will look at the liposarcoma. As a result, the importance of regular medical control.

Although retroperitoneal liposarcoma was first described in 1761, many questions remain suspended. In most of cases & # 39; In cases we do not know what the cancer is.

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