Monday , October 25 2021

Georges-Louis Bouchez: "Emmanuelle Praet has been licensed to the police on the left-wing piano"


The RTL private chain will decide to have a breakthrough in collaboration with Emmanuelle Praet's chronicle.

RTL will decide to have a look at this collaboration with the Emmanuelle Praet chronicle, listing the weekend on Tuesday.

Lors d'un entretien entre la chaîne et la polémiste, «
the direction of RTL is signified by Emmanuelle Praet, which, at the very end, is a series of roles that will be the one who has been able to eradicate one of the fundamental principles of the issue: the opinions sent to the chroniclers by the diet the idioms, in any case, affect the public's behavior in the inviting, for example, to reconsider their support to certain parties
"Can not read in the communiqué.

► The video of the Polish passage

The Montois Georges-Louis Bouchez was mounted on the crane at the suspension of the Emmanuelle Praet. On Tuesday, the chef of MR MR Mons reagit à nouveau: «
Emmanuelle Praet is officially licensed by the police of the unique French francophone. The fact that another chronicle of the emission is on the agenda is "defending my friends! »Without any action on the part of the chains

Un probleme de pluraliste

Le député MR bruxellois Alain Destexhe has also reacted to the social networks. «
RTL turns to Emmanuelle Praet. In this post, by the quality and the fault of the souligner – one of the seals where the debate is still possible, there are three chroniclers at the end of the gauche (dont officially an ex-PS and an ex-Cdh, the two allies Includes taper on the federal government) and any other right (but which is a part of the MR that you have). C'était déjà déséquilibré. It was a problem of pluralism, censorship and liberty of expression and social revolution in Wallonia and the Bruxelles. Et ceci n'est qu'un exemple parmi beaucoup d'autres
", Écrit-il.

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