Saturday , December 4 2021

Elia wants to pay low consumers with f …


(Belga) Consumers will have a central place in the coming years in the energy system, says the electrical grid company Elia. He wants the people to be rewarded with batteries, heat pumps or solar panels if they are flexible to maintain the balance of the electricity. Elia wants to run aircraft quickly.

Today, the consumer has a little direct influence in energy. Elia wants to return the trend and benefits to the consumer, he says in a note that describes his vision of tomorrow's electricity, the consumer is active and active role. "Elia calls consumers (businesses and individuals) directly from the benefits of energy through a genuine communication bar, social design and digital innovation, which allows the end user to optimize the technology investment photovoltaics, heat pumps, cushions, batteries, electric cars, etc. ) and its electricity advertising, while contributing to the network balance, "says the network administrator. In concrete deadlines, "You can save contracts, for example, that your electric car is just calculated when the price of electricity falls below a certain level, which means when there are traditions," explains Marleen Vanhecke, spokesman Elia. The principle of flexible capacity is already used in large companies that use many electricity. "The service needs to be improved," says Vanhecke. "Therefore, it must have an open communications office that sends all the data to all activating actors." Elijah asks for all interested market partners to take part in testing. Opinions are open on Elia's website until January 12, 2019. To realize the system, the digital meter must first be installed, but the deployment is not fast. Energy, Bart Tommelein, required the installation of digital meters in Flanders from six months to 1 July 2019. (Belga)

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