Saturday , June 3 2023

Eden Hazard reveals the name of the player who convinced him to sign in to Chelsea.


Red Devil

When Europeans were playing in Lille, they wanted Eden Hazard's service, but a man convinced him to sign the blues.

Eden Hazard was only 20 years old in 2012 and Red Devil was leaving Lille. Cup champion French champion picked the best player in the championship. There was everything in our nation that made us happy, and in Europe it made us glad.

Our team captain said that Joe Cole played a crucial role in getting to Stamford Bridge through his Blues Twitter account.
"I talked to him a lot before joining Chelsea and he told me every day that Chelsea would be the best club for me and he said that Chelsea is a great club where I can win every season title. Thank you. "

At the time, Cole had to remember that Lille was in Liverpool. But obviously, the British are always a little more heart.
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