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Ebola: 222 morts in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Paris, on Friday, November 23, 2018 – According to the latest
bulletin officer of the Ministry of Health of the Republic
Democratic Republic of Congo (RDC) published this day, the virus epidemic
Ebola has emerged in the region of Kivu in the north-west of the country
provoked the death of 222 people.

The journals are followed and resuscitated in the DRC: the bulletin
ministry of health centers all the days of recent years
morbid virus Ebola. If it's a good deal then the officer
published that day, the epidemic, is the first case in the region
you Kivu have been identified 1he in the end, a tué
222 people and 4 months. On total total 393 account (dont 346
confirmedés). As of the Tuesday reporting in particular
Discovered new treasures not many members
Families who are contaminated by a patient may suffer from time consuming.
Some people refused to apply for the vaccination
acceptable of being presumptuous.

And these are all the times that the people are trying to do. Les
Authorities are not required to contain the epidemic
stop the chain of transmission. The risk that the epidemic
The endemic devotee and the installation of durability will be great. Et on
continue to malignantly constater that the insécurity
In the region, the sanitary conditions for the authoritarian authorities have failed
fight the malady. En effet, la ville de Béni, épicentre de
The epidemic, is regulating the object of the ADF, one
militia and conflict with the government.


In the meantime, the 117 patients recaptured the contaminated patients
by Ebola but guéris constituent un espoir. Immunizations,
Some people do not have to take care of the people
by Ebola. This is the Wemba Kembale case. S'il a survécu
The virus, the female has been embedded in maladies. After that
Tragédie, it is decided by the families of reconciliation for children
contaminated and sedated by their parents by the contagion.
Contrairement on the medicines, the guides are not effective
besides the bearer of the individual protection equipment (EPI) et
It can therefore be a physical contact rationing to these children
esseulés. Petite victake for Kembale: Julienne, the petite girl
1 and do not miss it, to survive in maladies.

Quentin Haroche

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