Thursday , June 17 2021

DRC: shorter outbreak in Lubumbashi and region

An epidemic of cholera has influenced Lubumbashi, the second largest city in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and its region, the provincial health people, told reporters.

The cholera killed about sixty people in the Upper Katanga province, including dances in Lubumbashi, economic capital and mining, said Friday evening the Provincial Minister of Social, Modest Balloy.

The epidemic began in August, according to him.

"The epidemiological curve has been registered since 24 August 2018 (…) in a total of 1,304 registered patients and 64 deaths, including 42 intra-hospital and 22 communities," he said, considering Radio United Okapi.

The outbreak of this epidemic is in the east of the city of Lubumbashi, in a neighborhood of drinking water, where people are watering out of a river of fish, said the officer in a correspondent fromAFP.

Cholera is outward DRC.

In November 2018, the World Health Organization reported "a total of 25,170 cases of cholera, including 857 deaths (3.4%)," from the beginning of the year. DRC.

At least, a case of cholera has been reported in 21 of the 26 provinces.

In 2017, courier killed 1.190 people DRC for 55,000 cases.

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