Tuesday , January 18 2022

Dour Festival The best sacred Belgium festival for four consecutive years!



This award was presented at the Red Bull Electropedia Awards on Tuesday night.

And yes! But where does the festival's organization stop? This Tuesday night, the organization has won the title of the best Belgian festival for four consecutive years. The title given in the 8th edition of the Red Bull Electropedia Awards organized at Flagey. The festival dourois is restored in front of Tomorrowland (2nd place in category) and Couleur Café.

2018 edition changed. At a brand new site, betting was risky. "We were a little bit scared when we started this new site, but I was wondering what would happen, but the rate of return was very positive." Evidence, Internet surfers still voted for us tremendously "I am delighted with Damien Dufrasne.

Rewards are beautiful and qualified for teams making a lot of investments to make the event a must-have event. "It's a new commitment to us, and this success is probably due to Reb Bull Elektropedia Balzaal, the music level and the scenography.

If the price is highly evaluated, it is not an end in itself. "We are again in front of Tomorrowland, and our work is recognized by experts and our festival attendees, it's certainly fun, but it's not dramatic unless we're awarded next year or next year! The team has already received this award and is already thinking about July 2019.

"We will not leave a blank page because everything went well in 2018. But we have always been honored to do so, so we will consider a comment to make a few changes. Improve … This change allows the public to discover something new as part of the festival Organizing a festival implies an everlasting question We want to go forward with our festival attendees Our They consider what they say to us. "

So far, these efforts have been successful. I hope it continues.

E. Brl.

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