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Delphine Wespiser attacked, then shot dead by Kelly Vedovelli live!


TPMP: Delphine Wespiser did not have a very peaceful weekend. The criminals robbed her just below her house, in Mulhouse! The victim made a rant on Instagram. For his watch was especially stolen.

“Tired of this country. What are the police doing?”, she let loose in her post. She thus pointed the finger at the police. “We turned around for an hour to find my attacker, and we did not see a single police patrol at that time …”, she complained. All that was needed was for the Alliance Police Nationale Grand-Est to respond. He thus shared a press release to cover this matter “Sterile controversy”.

TPMP: “Tired of this country. What are the police doing? “

We can thus read that the chronicler of Do not touch My TV “Shame on all our colleagues”. We also learn that the police have mobilized them “Solve this matter in flagrant delicto that seeks to do everything possible to find a needle in a haystack.” “Our colleagues are committed daily and compassionately to the security of the French, and risk their lives. “, details about this press release.

Finally, the police union Alliance Police Nationale Grand-Est wanted to remind that Delphine Wespiser has no right to preferential treatment. To be “A celebrity does not benefit from a particular or additional status of victim.” “Therefore, this case will be treated with the same professionalism by our Mulhouse colleagues as the others”. In the press release, we finally ask him to deliver “A public apology”. And when she came back in the TPMP set, things got hot for her!

In 2011, Delphine Wespiser rose to the rank of Miss Haut-Rhin and Miss Alsace. And the following year she won the Miss France crown. In March 2021, at the age of 29, she opened her doors to TF1 cameras. She does not hesitate to make revelations about her life as a couple that is not ordinary! Because today she’s in a relationship with Roger. The latter is 26 years older than she!

“We turned around for an hour to find my attacker”

The former beauty queen has never hidden her regret about having the scarf at just 19 years old. ” I did not have the open mind I have today […] I was too young, actually. I was just 19 years old, so I felt a little rooted. I did not live the adventure at all as I should have“, She had recently revealed to Maxime Guény at the microphone Average VL. And to add: ” Today I would like to be Miss France. At 29 that would be great, because then I would manage to live it, but at 19, it’s really early something. “, She had indeed explained.

What has caused a lot of ink in the newspapers is the age difference between their marriages. And even in his family it sowed discord. ” 26 years difference, it can be shocking. What was not clear was the gaze of friends and family. The family, it was just awful, it was World War II in my house“, She had already witnessed in the show The incredible fate of the Misses.

To be “A celebrity does not benefit from a certain status”

« I get a lot of letters from young girls who have an age gap with their friends, and who say ‘yes, I do not know what to do with my parents. It’s good that you’re showing this pair that’s really different“, She indeed explained the cameras of TF1.” You have to really understand that everyone does what he wants with his life. “, She wanted to make it clear.

According to columnist Touche just on my post Guillaume Genton, this age difference would have cost him a distance from the Miss France commission. ” She is a bit excluded from other Miss France. Especially because of his relationship with Roger, which is disturbing. She walks a bit off the beaten track […] We are told fairy tales, Miss France must find a man of her age. Delphine has an older companion, which does not fit into the norm …“, He had in fact revealed after the broadcast of the report in TPMP.

Among TPMP’s spotlight, Delphine Wespiser recounted her misfortunes. But her colleagues did not agree with her. They criticized him in particular for using his notoriety to arrest the police. As for Kelly Vedovelli, she literally beat it! “You ask, what do the police do without calling them?” “, she swung at him. “The police do not run in your street 24 hours a day … You have to call them!” ” On the set, Bruno Pomard, instructor of the Raid police officer, came to defend the police. The ex-beauty queen had no choice but to apologize.

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