Tuesday , January 19 2021

Coronavirus in Belgium: current measures extended until March 1 to prevent a “legal vacuum”

The current measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus will be extended until March 1, 2021, according to the new ministerial decree published in the Belgian Monitor on Tuesday.

The measures, which came into force on November 2 and were initially in force until January 15, had to be extended, Home Affairs spokeswoman Annelies Verlinden said Tuesday night.

However, this does not mean that no convenience is possible before 1 March., states the Minister, adding that there was no communication on the extension of the measures to prevent the “confusion” within the population. For example, the ministerial decree now authorizes the reopening of driving schools, as had already been decided during the last consultation committee on Friday.

This new article makes it possible to create a “legal vacuum” around the measures. The authorities will still be able to amend certain measures, and then republish a ministerial decree. This announcement does not mean that the lockout will last until March 1st.

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