Monday , November 29 2021

COPD: "People keep fish and start very young"


In video, the interview of Dr. Pablo Ferrer, pulmonologist.

COPD is a quantum and slow progressive lung disease. The main cause of the disease is smoking. "Although tobacco is existing and harmful agents will continue to develop (…) Currently, according to WHO (World Health Organization, Ed), COPD is the third foreground of death in # 39 The world is, of course, Polynesia is no exception because people across the globe, and the most important they start very young, " explains Dr. Pablo Ferrer, pulmonologist.

Alexis Frogier is a long time. It was 10 years since he stopped. And yet "We're not 100%, I'm 75%, I have to see an respirator, I'm not from the egg … the results are there."

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