Tuesday , October 26 2021

Controls the cardiovascular diseases, privileges of the products of fermented liquor


Le lien among the products and creams of cardiovascular diseases. According to the Finnish inquirers, the study was published The British Journal of Nutrition, the people who consume the "fermented" versions of these products lead to a lesser risk of developing a coronary pathology. And this is comparable to those who are crappy about all of you who prefers the classic lanterns.

The tea, the yogurt, the cheese blossom or the other are the good examples of the products that are fermented. Different tasks have recently been launched as a result of positive positives on lipid slogan profiles and the risk of cardiovascular disease. But are there any good for the coin that the other produces laitiers? For the reason, the science of the University of Finland has been surveyed.

A risk reduces one quart!

For those who have been studying the 2,000 food habitats of their compatriots in the 42 to 60 years, between 1984 and 1989. The follow-up to 20 years, 472 hommes have connuated a coronary disease episode.

The participants were also divided into different groups, according to their consumption of products. Results, those who have privileged versions of fermented – have a 26% risk of being killed by cardiovascular disease.

If all the mechanisms leading to this result are not compromised, the authors explicitly say " complementary compounds are formerly at the time of the fermentation ". According to the eighth person, the idea of ​​varying the size of the products is high, and most negatively translates into the past or the cheese.

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